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Registered Charity Number: 45-2603909

TKO Society Inc. is a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization. Donors can deduct contributions to TKO Society Inc. under IRC Section 170

TKO is a Black, trans, and Queer led non-profit providing essential support services for Transgender and LGBTQ people living in Alabama. 

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Due to the discrimination our community faces, trans people cannot rely on the police to protect us. We cannot rely on media to report our stories. We cannot rely on churches to nurture our spirits or our government to recognize our identities. As TLBG people of color living in America’s rural, religious South we have only each other to rely on. So, when major climate events occur, or when stricter policy change is implemented, or when random acts of violence occur, we need to look out for each other. TKO believes it is important to advocate for those most threatened—those whose voices are most often ignored-- and to equip the media to adequately cover the people most impacted.



Through our documentary film projects, digital media advocacy, and storytelling efforts, we craft community-based media campaigns that reflect the diverse, real-life experiences of TGNC and LGBQ people and those living with HIV in the South. 



To increase the awarness of the issues black trans people (especially feminnie/GNC folk) face trying to obtain full-healthy lives, while teaching them to advocate and protect themselves and each other.


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