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TKO Society Inc. is a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization. Donors can deduct contributions to TKO Society Inc. under IRC Section 170

TKO is a Black, trans, and Queer led non-profit providing essential support services for Transgender and LGBTQ people living in Alabama. 

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Join the Historic Selma Black  Pride Planning Committee 

Pride is a movement to celebrate all the trans and queer people of color who have paved the way for our generation to be visible and to celebrate their identity in the face of our administration which would rather shame us than recognize us as human beings. In the heart of the Bible Belt, Historic Selma, Alabama we recognized that LGBT rights are the second leg of the civil rights movement. Black Sheep's are born to stand out. We are the change we want to see in our community and the support our future queer community needs to see. 


TKO relies on volunteers to produce a successful festival. Pride depends on the community’s participation to happen and we could use your help. Won’t you be a part of history? Volunteer to help us make Historic Selma Black Pride 2020 an event to remember!  Below, you will find those positions, descriptions, expectations and other information listed.

Please note: If you are under the age of 18 during the Pride weekend, there is a different process for your registration. For more information email Pride Director


THe Planning Committee

The  Planning Committee is composed of our team coordinators who oversee vital areas of the Historic Selma Black Pride. The committee will hold monthly meetings when all team coordinators meet to discuss the planning and execution of events and activities for the festival and activities.

How to join the team

Read the general expectations and requirements for volunteer team leaders
• Preview the listing of open team coordinator positions

See attachment for complete list of job duties for each committee.

• Click on the "Sign Up" below


9/15 — Invitation to participate is open

9/20 — Informal committee interest meeting
10/15 — Invitation to participate will be closed
10/30 — Notification and schedule of meetings

11/10 (tentative) — First formal committee meeting


• Sign and return volunteer commitment form and code of conduct/ethics acknowledgment form, as well as any other on-boarding documents and forms

• Meet once a month (via video chat or in-person meeting)

• Complete monthly report form to update organization on progress and provide record-keeping of activities for future planning and organizational development; team reports are due one week prior to each monthly meetings


• Volunteer at 2 TKO fundraising events throughout the year, not including the pride activities.


• Be present at Historic Selma Black Pride festivities from Thursday evening through Sunday to complete individual duties or act as an accessory to teams with additional work.


Each team leader is asked to devote to:

•1 Monthly Meeting with Team Leaders
• 1 Monthly Meeting with Volunteer Team
• 2 hours/week working on assigned tasks or with staff
• Increased availability to 4 – 5 hours/week during pride events
• Flexible availability April 30-  Sunday, May 3th



Committee Needs

Event Planning Committee 

Entertainment Committee 

Security Committee  

Sponsorship Committee

*5 Volunteers needed for each committee.



Vendor Committee 

Volunteer Committee 

VIP Committee 


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